Matt Corrigan: Bio

Matt Corrigan, Special Effects Artist, has been working in film and television in Los Angeles for over four years, but has been in the industry for nine. His career started on the indie film Final, shot in Connecticut while Matt was still in high school. Since then, his film credits have included 300, G.I. Joe, Criminal Minds, and the upcoming Scorsese-directed Shutter Island. On 2007’s I Am Legend and 2008’s Meet the Spartans, Matt served as an effects technician as well as the on-set coordinator of creature effects. He recently became eligible to join the Screen Actor's Guild after performing stunts in a creature suit for an independent alien feature.

Matt's family moved from Long Island, New York to New Milford, Connecticut in 1996. After graduating New Milford High School, Matt moved to Boston and attended Emerson College, where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Film in 2004. He has been working in Los Angeles since 2005.